This Little Girl Called 911 For A Fashion Emergency, And It's Adorable

From a very young age, we're taught to call 911 in case of an emergency.

We're not typically taught, however, what exactly constitutes an emergency — and this educational failing led to one little girl calling the cops when she found herself in the throes of a fashion emergency.

Two-year-old Aaliyah was trying to get dressed on her own when she discovered her pants were stuck — she couldn't pull them all the way up.

Believing the situation to be an emergency, little Aaliyah bypassed her parents and went straight for the big guns, dialing 911 for help.

Deputy Martha Lohnes of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office responded to the call and graciously helped the little girl get dressed, before writing about the adorable incident on the police department's Facebook page.

Deputy Lohnes, who has two baby sisters of her own, called the encounter the “best part” of her day and later told news channel WSPA she thought it was “awesome” that the toddler knew how to dial 911 (even if the situation didn't really warrant it).

Aaliyah's mother, Pebbles Ryan, echoed Lohnes' sentiments. She told WSPA,

We've pointed out the numbers [911], but it completely surprised me that she actually [dialed] it.

What a story.

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