This Girl Broke Her Foot Trying To Take The Perfect Graduation Pic For Instagram

Like many college students, Chelsea Whitfield wanted a few perfect photos to adorn her Instagram on her graduation day. She decided to go all out by hiring a photographer and planning an elaborate graduation-themed photoshoot. Apparently, she upped her workout regimen and even got a spray tan. Because upping your Instagram game takes commitment. As she told BuzzFeed,

I'd been preparing for this shoot for forever.

On the day of the shoot, Whitfield looked gorgeous in her cap and gown while Caitlin Ogden snapped pics in a scenic part of the campus. At one point, Ogden asked her to jump for joy -- a classic graduation pose. That's when things went horribly wrong. Whitfield took her high heels off and jumped as high as she could. Landing back on brick-paved path, though, she immediately knew something was wrong.

I hit the ground and I said, 'Oh my God, I think I broke my foot.'

Though she'd never broken a bone before, Whitfield heard an audible "pop" sound from her foot and knew things were not OK. Yikes. 

Still, she went on with the shoot and Ogden continued to take photos while Whitfield descended into agony. Determined to stay positive and get those Instagram snaps, she powered through the photoshoot until she had to go to her school's wellness clinic and get that foot checked out.

Ultimately, her pain was worth it because the photos are pretty priceless. And, like any college grad, Whitfield popped some André to celebrate when she got home. Cheap champagne really does make everything better.

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