Video Of Girl Almost Dying On Swing Ride Is Straight Out Of 'Final Destination'


I know this may sound weird, but... how old are you?

OK, before you answer, let me try to make an example. There is a certain age where you don't really understand how things can hurt you.

Like, you remember when you were younger than 15 years old? And you would literally do anything because you were not afraid of death?

You'd ride a bicycle without a helmet, skateboards without a care, jeez... even Razor scooters without ankle braces.

You would launch yourself down a hill on a skateboard, threaten the toughest girl in school or even think you could handle six shots of bad vodka.

What a time to be alive! Now, you probably wouldn't do those things, even if someone paid you.

You certainly wouldn't find enjoyment in swing ride, especially one that travels towns and is rebuilt in every location like a fair ride.

THANK GOD this girl is just the perfect height to not have her head cut clear off of the platform, right?!

A woman riding the swinging thrill ride at the annual Foire Du Trone fair in Paris, France dangled by her feet after she just came out to have a good time.

Shortly after her ride began, her harness came undone. While onlookers screamed, she swung by, her head coming very close to the ground. Two men eventually stepped in attempting to slow the ride.

Realistically, it looks like she was lucky, and no one could have saved her.

Imagine what she could have been thinking during this moment... Imagine what her friend, also on the ride, could have been thinking.

The woman was not injured, but the fair blames this accident on human error.

An investigation is under way to determine whether the fault is that of the fairground staff managing the (ride) or that of the girl.

In the meantime, the ride "L'Adrenaline" is shut down.

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