This Beautiful Geode Hair Trend Is About To Rock All Over Your Instagram

by Hope Schreiber

There are plenty of hair trends out there on Instagram.

People have found ways to make their hair look like graffiti, or glow in the dark, or even make it look like denim.

I have a suspicion that if you delve deeply into hair trends on Instagram, you're bound to find at least forty different styles that you could totally pull off if you had the patience and the money for an amazing dye job.

The newest trend is bound to pluck the heartstrings of your little nature loving heart: geode hair.

If you failed Earth Science, geodes are small cavities in rocks that are lined with crystals or other mineral matter, and they're super beautiful.

Who wouldn't want their hair to look like something that was caused by magma erupting from a volcano?!

If you aren't into showing off your true colors at first sight, or you have a bummer of a job that doesn't let you dye your hair cool colors, you can always choose to have a more understated look by dying the underpart of your hair.

Most of the time, when I get told I look like a rock it's an insult. BUT NOW I CAN FEEL SO BEAUTIFUL.

I feel like everything needs to come full circle here.

And I feel like you know where I'm going with this.


That's right. My bad photoshop skills have truly created a masterpiece.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wearing geode hair. Inspired by rocks, for Rocks.

You could, theoretically, get your birth stone dyed onto your hair, like this sapphire if you were born in September.

It's probably one of the most successful looks based on nature. Most of the time, my "nature inspired look" involves twigs in my hair after I passed out in a bush walking home from the bar.

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