Guy Comes Up With A Genius Way To Tell Another Man His GF Is Cheating (Photo)

Bros lookin' out for other bros is heartwarming.

The third amendment in the Man-stitution states:

A man shalt always be forthcoming in his dealings with other men, particularly whilst the deed in question involves accidental carnal relations with another man's significant other.

(The first two Man-stitution amendments have to deal with DraftKings and responding, “OH! YES! HELLS YES,” when being asked if you like the show “Deadliest Catch.”)

One devout follower of this holy text found a clever way to discreetly let another bro know he may want to consider reevaluating his current romantic situation.

JUSTICE SERVED!  The Man-stitution cabinet meeting will be at the same time next week at the same Buffalo Wild Wings!