Genius Girl Contacts Ex Through TV After He Blocks Her On Social Media


I once did something unforgivable to a girlfriend, and it ultimately broke us up. The relationship was going down the drain, to be fair, and we'd pretty much ended things. But instead of letting us naturally fizzle out, I set off a nuclear explosion.

Maybe I'll tell you what I did one day, once we know each other better. I still harbor a lot of guilt about it.

It caused big boy repercussions, and made my ex do some crazy things. Some, I deserved. Others? Not so much.

Cutting up my passport was probably up there with the worst, along with slashing my bike tires. We laugh about it now. (*Nervous laugh*)

In the breakup aftermath, I remember blocking her from everything. Well, everything except a really old Hotmail account that I'd forgotten existed. She found it and sent me a message. That was a weird feeling.

But it still doesn't top this guy's experience. His ex contacted him in the most bizarre way.

Take a look at this:

i blocked my ex on everything but she some how managed to message me through direct tv — cab (@CabBish_) July 14, 2016

Right? That's some level-nine hacker shit.

Scary. Exes are scary.