This Gene Wilder 'New Yorker' Tribute Cartoon Is Ridiculous

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After Gene Wilder's passing, many have shown their love for the late comedian by posting throwback "Willy Wonka"-themed pictures on social media.

I'm all about praising deceased actors' roles that have inspired us throughout the years, but this "New Yorker" Gene Wilder tribute cartoon's caption seems like the writer just sort of gave up.

The tribute, which was posted to the magazine's Instagram account, features three Oompa Loompas mid-dance and a caption with some pretty bizarre lyrics.

"Dankyougene?" What the flying f*ck is this? The Oompa Loompas would come up with more fire lyrics than that. I heard they were ghost writers for Beyoncé.

Like, is this tribute supposed to be a joke? Because when I say "dankyougene" out loud (I'm not going to lie), I giggle. A lot.

A man just died and the way the "New Yorker" wanted us to remember him is with the phrase, "dankyougene."

As Slate points out, it doesn't rhyme and it doesn't have the right amount of syllables.

What would the other line of the couplet be?! "You always dealthescene?" Like "steal the scene" but with a "d" in the front of "steal?"

One Twitter user thought the people who approved this cartoon must have been on something.

By the way, "dankyougene" is how I will greet every Gene I meet. So, Gene Hackman you've been officially warned.

Well, one thing's for sure. This will hopefully make for an extremely dank meme.

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