Today Is #FreePornDay, Because That's A Thing

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I've gotta be honest: I'm not a big porn watcher. But APPARENTLY today is #FreePornDay. And since I tend to like free anything, I'm dropping this knowledge on you.

If you're a porn-loving horn dog, you may want to cut out of work early today to go home and get ~intimate~ with yourself and some hot, steamy, video action.

Now, you may be confused, as free porn ads probably cross your screen out of nowhere multiple times a day. So, um... is free porn even a hard thing to come by? Do we really NEED an entire day for it?

Well, this occasion seems to be offering something a little more special. A bunch of the biggest adult entertainment companies (think:  Evil Angel, Vivid, and Kink) have joined forces to give you access to virtually any full-length pornographic film that you'd normally have to pay for on a premium site.

Plus, you get to watch 'em in HD! Which is apparently also a fun perk that normally isn't offered up for free. #HDdick, yo.

So, it's a cool day for porn fans to be alive. They can graduate from that free, peasant material to some real, high-quality, expertly shot and produced banging — 30 billion hours worth, to be exact.

The site where you can access it all,, is organized by genre and category. A quick scan shows they have literally every genre covered, from celebrity sex tapes to gay porn, anal, women friendly, couples, to whatever else it may be that you're into.

And to think you only have a few more hours left in this day!