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Forget Texting And Driving: Don't Sexy Snapchat And Drive

Over the past several years, many (if not most) states have passed laws prohibiting drivers from texting while driving.

Only a few states, however, have comprehensively banned all cell phone use while behind the wheel — and if this video proves anything, it's that the full ban might not be a bad idea.

Twitter user @PRINCESS_JLO, whose real name is Jasma, posted a video on Thursday that shows her attempting to film a sexy Snapchat while driving.

In perhaps the least surprising news ever, Jasma found her sexting plan thoroughly destroyed when, mid-snap, she crashed her car.

It's unclear what the teen crashed into — the video only shows her seductive posing and subsequent collision — but judging by the Twitter post, no one was physically injured (Jasma's ego, however, is another story).

Watch the video below and let it serve as a reminder to save your sexy snaps for the passenger side.

When snapping and driving goes bad — Jasma (@PRINCESS_JLO) March 4, 2016

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