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In Lieu Of Real Rain, Flower Petals Will Shower Downtown LA This Weekend

The anonymous art collective behind the Griffith Park Teahouse plans to make it rain in Downtown LA this weekend -- flower petals, that is.

In an alleyway between two historic theaters -- Arcade Theatre and the Cameo Theatre on Broadway -- "Petal Drop LA (01)" will release a soothing petal-storm all day this Saturday.

LAist reports the group will dump over 7,000 cups of petals, all of which were collected from a local SoCal flower farm.

While basking in floral beauty, viewers are also encouraged to write notes on small slips of paper, recounting their fondest memories of LA.

By the looks of their Instagram feed, it'll be a sight to behold.

While future "Petal Drop" events are up in the air, one thing's for sure: It won't end the drought, but it'll be hella pretty.

Check out "Petal Drop LA (01)", set to take place in the alley between 530 and 532 S. Broadway between dawn and dusk on Saturday. To learn more and stay updated on last-minute changes, check the project's Twitter and Instagram feeds.

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