An Insane 5-Story Slide Was Built Inside This Mall And It Looks Amazing


China is FULL of very fun, sort of dangerous activities.

One time in Beijing, during a trip to the Great Wall, I rode back down to the base in what was essentially a crude Mario Kart on a track that was essentially a metal pipe sliced in half and slapped into the side of the hill.

It was the single most thrilling moment of my life -- not including the time I leaned in to covertly smell John Corbett's hair at a popular Manhattan steakhouse.

Jealous? Don't be! Those of you lucky enough to find yourselves in East China these days can now visit the "Happy Slide," a 177-foot-long, 62-foot-high, stainless-steel dragon slide in the Printemps mall in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai.

Riders are reportedly required to wear “safety bags” (legit just cloth sacks) and cross their arms to avoid injuries.

As stone-cold bummed as I am to miss an attraction that prompted one Facebook user to reportedly comment, “[China] can't build escalators properly without people falling through them, so you'd be nuts to go down this,” I'm sure eastern innovators will cook up something even more outrageous by the time I find myself visiting again.

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