Fitness Moms Recreate Viral Pregnancy Photo With Their Newborn Babies

When fitness model and new mom Chontel Duncan shared a photo of herself and her friend Nat late last year, both women were at roughly the same point in their pregnancies, but the Internet could not handle it.

Nat appeared as most people are used to seeing a pregnant woman, with a round stomach, while fitness mom Duncan maintained a small bump and a six-pack.

Commenters argued over which mother-to-be's body represented a proper, healthy image of pregnancy, while Duncan's caption insisted she and her pal “both have healthy growing babies.”

Since the photo went viral, both women have successfully delivered their sons.

Thursday, the mommas posed for a replica of their pregnancy photo, only this time their baby boys made appearances.

Duncan shared a side-by-side image of the original pic and a new one, starring her son Miah and Nat's son Charlie.

Both boys look healthy, cuddly and bald AF.

Duncan wrote,

Two healthy, incredible pregnancies & now two healthy baby boys.

The results are in, folks. No matter how big the bump, a healthy mom means a healthy baby.

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