A 5th Grader Wrote The Most Adorable Love Letter To His GF


How is it possible a fifth-grader has more game than you? Your crush won't even look in your general direction, and meanwhile, 10-year-old Cole is straight killing it with this letter to his year-long girlfriend, Sherri.

Sherri's mom, Nicole Rodriguez, said their relationship started when Cole formed a crush on her in the fourth grade and asked her to the homecoming dance.

Nicole Rodriguez

Rodriguez told BuzzFeed,

That is honestly the most supportive thing I have ever heard. The only person who came to my soccer games was my mom, and she hated it.

Nicole Rodriguez

Tragically, Sherri's soccer season was cut short on Sunday when she tore her ACL and had to have surgery.

Cole was at the game when she was hurt and told his mother, Brandi Lanclos, he wanted to write her a letter and get her something to make her feel better.

She didn't realize he had the maturity to write something like this, but the kid's a natural born Casanova apparently. His mom said,

Brandi Lanclos

No one has ever complimented my beautiful smile... (I lost all my teeth trying to seduce a person by trying to fit my entire fist into my own mouth, which I am now told is not very attractive to prospective mates. You live, you learn.)

Here's Cole's full letter in case you can't read it:

On top of the letter, Cole also brought Sherri a cookie cake and a teddy bear. Will I ever experience a love so pure?

Sherri was at soccer practice, watching from the sidelines, when she saw Cole walking across the pitch. Cole's mother said,

Nicole Rodriguez

Of her daughter's relationship with Cole, Rodriguez told BuzzFeed,

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