Fidget Spinner Bubble Bars Are Here To Make Your Bath Time So Much More Fun

by Brenda Santana

Just when you thought the fidget spinner fad was dying down, Lush Cosmetics decides to grace fans with a new invention they're calling "Fidget Spinner Bubble Bars." This bath time soap isn't your typical Lush bath bomb -- it is a limited edition, reusable "bubble bar" that was created on a whim by bakers at the Lush Kitchen in Poole, London.

I'm not really into the whole fidget spinner fad, but this looks pretty darn awesome!

The reusable Bubble Spinners were put on sale earlier this week for $6.00, and sold out almost as quickly as they were put on the site. Here's the message Lush Kitchen sent to their legion of followers via their Instagram account after selling out,

So it turns out Bubble Spinner reusable bubble bar was a lot more popular than we expected our heads are spinning with the overwhelming response! We're currently sold out as this was a limited-edition Kitchen batch, but we can't ignore the love it's been getting so the Bubbles room might be fidgeting around with more soon...

Wait a minute, so there's hope?! We might be seeing Bubble Spinners back in stock very soon, but my question is... when? I don't think people can wait much longer. Give us a date, Lush! We're begging you.


It's pretty, isn't it? I would totally bring this thing in a bathtub.

So what can you do to fill your fidget spinner needs while you wait for the next batch of Bubble Spinners to come back in stock? Well, you can start by purchasing your very own GlamSpin — which is a fidget spinner filled with lip gloss that retails for $9.99. It's practical and entertaining.

Not to mention... fidget spinner porn actually exists, and no one really understands why.

Let's hope Lush re-releases their Bubble Spinners soon so you don't have to resort to such drastic measures. We'll be waiting patiently.