Fast Food Employee Shamelessly Self-Promoted His Mixtape On Wendy's Sign


Warning: Do not try this at your job. Even if your mixtape's pure fire, you might actually get fired.

A Wendy's employee by the name of Mike Barz in Belleville, Illinois saw a place where he could score some free advertising and took a chance to make his dreams come true.

The hot spot sure to get a few ganders? The very fast food sign outside of where he worked. Location, location, location.

In a Facebook post, Mike showed off his mixtape's promotion, which is in the same spot where normally that little red-haired girl would be showcasing a new Frosty flavor.

Now, don't let Mike's caption, "Sooo, yeah im fired," fool you. This claim would definitely earn a 0 percent score on a fact check test.

In an interview with Mashable, Mike admitted that he was not fired over this shameless plug,

I work at Wendy's and that sign I put up was 100 percent real. However I wasn't terminated for my actions. To answer your question, sometimes in life your dreams will drive you to the extremes beyond this world. My mixtape downloads were not doing the numbers as expected, so in order to reach my goal I knew I had to do something absurd and of the unthinkable. After I noticed it started going viral getting 100 likes within the first 10 minutes, I knew from that point on my plan had worked.

Well done, Mike.

Of course, I usually don't like my Wendy's cheeseburgers well done (I'm all about that medium rare lifestyle), but I'll say it once again... Well fucking done, Mike.

You can check out Mike's mixtape right here.

And if you like what you hear, you can give his tunes double, nay, even triple the amount of listens.

OK, Wendy's jokes aside, let me, Tim McGovern, take this to professionally ask you all during my work schedule...



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