Family Rescues An Adorable Baby Pig Before It Freezes To Death In The Storm


One lucky pre-bacon -- the only thing I'll ever call a pig -- has a family from Hagerstown, Maryland to thank for not becoming a pig-sicle this weekend.

Perry Smith and his son, also named Perry, spotted the stranded pig, which I will call Lil' Bacon, while driving after a day of skiing. Smith claimed when he spotted Lil' Bacon, the piglet was shivering and struggling to make its way through the banks of snow that piled up during the blizzard this weekend.

Realizing Lil' Bacon would not survive the storm without intervention, Smith grabbed a sweatshirt and pulled the piglet into the car around 10 pm on Friday.

Lil' Bacon wasn't out of the smokey forest just yet. Because of the piglet's exposure to the frosty elements, it took the family a night of nursing and swaddling to bring the tiny pig back to health.

By Sunday afternoon, Lil' Bacon was happily eating bananas, drinking water and having ointment applied to its sores.

Once Lil' Bacon, which the Smiths decided to name Wee Wee, was healthy, the family tried to figure out a way to adopt it.

Perry, the son, told The Washington Post, "I would like to take him home and accept him as a member of the family."

Because of their hometown's policy in regard to keeping livestock, the Smiths weren't able to keep Wee Wee as a pet.

You can worry about all that later. For now, just focus on this picture of Wee Wee eating a bagel.


Smith said the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville, Maryland agreed to take Wee Wee after the snow clears. He also said one of the criteria for picking a sanctuary was a place that wouldn't send Wee Wee to the slaughterhouse, so Lil' Bacon lives to see another day.

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