Family Finds Gigantic Gator In Their Pool Because Nightmares Do Come True

Warren Little/ Getty Images

Everyone knows what celebrating Memorial Day looks like: sun, swimming pools, and sudden discoveries of alligators in your swimming pools.

At least that's what it was like for one Florida family over the holiday weekend.

On Monday, the Sarasota County Sheriff's office posted a photo on Facebook showing a 7- to 8-foot alligator lying beneath the surface of a backyard pool.

The post read,

Luckily, these homeowners took a second look this morning before jumping in to kick off their Memorial Day.

According to ABC Action News in Tampa Bay, the county sheriff's office received a call about an "unwanted guest" on Monday. When the police arrived at the home in Plantation, FL, they saw the gator lying in the pool.

The police than called a trapper to get the gator out of the pool, but the gator didn't leave without a fight. Video captured by Action News shows the gator resisting being pulled out of the water by repeatedly twisting itself around.

After the trapper pulled the gator of the water, it was later relocated, Action News reports.

It's happened before.

Believe it or not, the idea of an alligator invading a swimming pool isn't exactly farfetched. Earlier this month, the Palm Beach Post reported an incident during which police recovered a young gator in a swimming pool in Winter Haven.

That type of event is so common that Animal Planet was able to make a show called Gator Boys, which revolved around the jobs of two alligator trappers, Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle.

Bedard and Riffle's encounters with the reptiles were much closer and personal than the trapper in Sarasota County on Monday.

YouTube/Animal Planet

According to the Palm Beach Post, around 1.25 million gators live in Florida. So yeah, if you live in the state, take a second look about that early morning dip in the pool.