This Is What It's Really Like To Fall In Love With Your Best Friend

by Taylor Ortega
Getty Images

It's a tale as old as time... or at least as old as 1997, when Julia Roberts played a food critic hopelessly enamored with her childhood bestie, aka Dermot Mulroney, in “My Best Friend's Wedding.”

Falling for your BFF is a scenario filled with social land mines.

Do you tell him or her and risk losing the friendship?

Do you keep it to yourself and suffer in silence?

Users on Whisper anonymously shared their experiences with BFF pining so you can weigh your options before blurting out your true feelings to the one who matters most.

No one else is good enough.

You stare out windows, wistfully watching the rain fall.

The stakes are higher than ever.

Your life becomes a Sinéad O'Connor song.

Taylor Swift might as well be singing about your existence.

You obsess over timing.

You wish you could channel Katherine Heigl.

You daydream about your future children.

Your BFF suddenly becomes an angel sent from heaven to complete you.

You wait for things to get physical.

Sometimes, you find your happy ending.

Remember, folks, without risk there is no sex with your BFF.

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