Did You Fall For This Picture Of A 'Burned' Dog On Facebook?


Thousands of Facebook users appear to have been tricked into mistaking a piece of meat for a terrible burn.

On December 23, North Carolina's Stephen Roseman posted this photo on Facebook.

The photo was shared over 110,000 times, sometimes alongside messages such as "Prayers," "God bless this dog," and, "Poor dog, hopefully he will recover."

One user who shared the photo wrote,

The majority of the comments on the photo, however, point out how blatantly obvious it is the "burn" is really just a piece of ham.

Users blasted Roseman as "sick" and an attention-seeking "douchebag," but Roseman found the insults hilarious and explained the purpose of the prank in the comments section.

He wrote,

It seems Roseman simply wanted to show Facebook users can often be ignorant and willing to share anything without actually examining the post.

In the comments section, he referenced such users as "goddamn sheeple" who need to have their "wool covered f*cking eyes" opened.

Roseman added the many users who failed to understand the joke and responded with anger are even dumber than those who truly believed the dog was burned.

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