This Site Will Tell You Which Word You Use Most On Facebook

Some Facebook users like to censor their statuses, only posting things they're sure won't offend anyone or rock the boat in any way.

Others love to mix it up and throw in juicy tidbits from bad dates, ruffle some feathers with off-kilter political views, or just go on wild rants for no reason at all.

Ever wonder which side of the fence you fall on? Luckily, there's a new Facebook quiz that will show you just how sane (or crazy) you really are.

The fine folks at have come up with a new Facebook "quiz" that analyzes your posts and spits out a word cloud filled with the terms you use most often in your status updates.

The bigger the word, the more often you use it.

So far, more than 12 million people have logged on to find out which words represent them most.

I'd share my word cloud with you all here, but apparently, I am a fan of some very NSFW language (sorry, Mom).

If you do take the quiz, be sure to share your results with us by tagging @EliteDaily in your status or tweeting us your results @EliteDaily.