Woman Writes Powerful Post On Absurd Expectations Females Face Every Day


Preach, Bisha! Preach!

London comedienne Bisha K Ali's takedown of the contradictory way women are treated reads less like a think piece and more like a modern-day Gettysburg Address by letting society know the insane double standards women are subjected to from early ages.

Beyoncé needs to sing a cover of this post. Just lay down a music track and use those God-given pipes to do the words in this post justice, Beyoncé.

Summer was over like two months ago, but I guarantee if Yoncé makes a track of this article, it will become 2015's song of the summer.

Try to not give this piece a standing ovation after you finish it.

A-f*ckin'-men, Bisha.

Bisha starts the post by covering the inherent contradictions girls are faced with from early ages. She writes,

She later goes on to show how hypocritical the idea of slut-shaming is by saying,

She then takes on the problems women face with employment...

Getting married...

…and having children.

Thorough. Cutting. Accurate.

Bisha is the queen. Bow down.

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