This Facebook Group Encourages Men To Rape And Use Violence Against Women


Just when you thought your Monday couldn't get any worse, I found a piece of information that manages to do the trick.

A men-only Facebook page is getting heat for its blatant hatred toward women. It's an invite-only group in which men can openly encourage rape, revenge porn and violence against women.

If you're still confused about what exactly the premise of this group is, this (probably) really nice, mentally stable man and group member explains it for you here:


I know you're thinking, "OK, well, nobody would actually join this weird, nasty, sexist group."

But unfortunately, you're wrong. It already has over 200,000 followers who regularly post humiliating images of women and share disgusting stories of sexual encounters and horrifically misogynistic fantasies.

What do I mean by "disgusting stories of sexual encounters and horrifically misogynistic fantasies?" Let me paint you a picture.

There's this guy who seems to think getting his girlfriend gang raped is "winning":


There's this guy who refers to women as "sausage wallets":


And then there's this guy who wants to encourage guys to bombard a woman's Snapchat with vulgar pictures:


I'll spare you the rest of the gross screenshots. It's only Monday, and I don't want to completely ruin your entire week.

Luckily, domestic violence support groups, such as the Red Heart Campaign, have found out about the group and (accurately) branded it as "disgusting."

The page has been taken down (thank God), but the campaign is continuing to make a point of spreading awareness about its deeply disturbing contents.

According to Metro News, the charity's founder Sherele Moody said on Facebook:

Some members went so far as to post the contact details and phone numbers of women they knew and encouraged others to bombard them with disgusting imagery and texts. Since the group was exposed, a few members have tried to defend its sick practices.

The defenses of these men usually seem to echo the opinion of the guy I introduced in the beginning of the article. Like, it's a secret group, SO THAT MAKES IT OK, RIGHT?

Wrong. Very, very wrong.

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