Leaked Screenshots Reveal Facebook Is Totally Trying To Copy Snapchat


It was only a matter of time until Facebook decided to cramp Snapchat's style, and that time has apparently come.

In a manner similar to the way some Instagram users experienced experimental changes within their apps, Facebook appears to be experimenting with select users and introducing features that are similar to Snapchat's.

Facebook's experiment is a feature called "quick updates," which allows users to share updates within specific, private groups. Those updates then disappear in 24 hours. Sound familiar?

TFW Facebook is still trying to emulate Snapchat (new feature so hot tip for all you reporters) — Tiffany Zhong (@tzhongg) July 21, 2016

Tiffany Zhong appears to be the first to have posted screenshots of Facebook's experiment. She also shared screen caps that displayed where the feature could be found in the app, as well as what the private groups look like.

It's no surprise, of course, that Facebook would do something like this. Zuckerberg's company has a long history of pulling off similar moves.

Facebook introduced Facebook Live just as Twitter's live streaming app, Periscope, was gaining steam. Facebook also introduced video on Instagram, which undermined the success of Vine, another Twitter-owned app.

It's also worth mentioning that Facebook once tried to acquire Snapchat – specifically three years ago – for billions of dollars.

But since Zuck doesn't own Snapchat (and probably never will), he might as well undercut the business of his competitor.