Watch The Scary Moment The Empire State Building Gets Struck By Lightning

by Talia Koren

If you were in New York City on Monday, you probably got caught in a little bit of rain.

And when I say a little bit, I mean it totally dumped. It wasn't a quick shower, either; it was pouring during every minute of rush hour at the end of the workday.

Watching the storm happen was pretty spectacular, especially because it was full on thunder and lightning.

Large strikes of lightning could be seen all over the five boroughs. If you're a lover of a good thunderstorm, you would have adored this one.

A bunch of photographers set up to catch lightning strike the city, but Henrik Moltke's photo and video of lightning hitting the Empire State Building beats them all.

Look at this amazing shot:

Could you imagine being inside the Empire State building as this happened? Incredible.

But, lightning striking the Empire State building is actually more common than you'd think. It apparently gets hit over 20 times a year.

To anyone who tried to catch photos of the lightning last night, I hope you stayed dry!

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