Elon Musk Finally Found One Woman Worth Adding To His All Male Twitter Feed

Elon Musk sure loves innovation. This time, he's taken his forward-thinking ideas to social media, revolutionizing his timeline with a brave new addition: a woman.

Yup, before Tuesday, Musk hadn't been following any women on Twitter.

But that's all changed now. The tech entrepreneur and former CEO of PayPal has finally decided to follow a female journalist. And the lucky woman is...

Caity Weaver!

She's a writer for GQ Magazine, whose troubling bio calls attention to the fact her employers don't own the Twitter handle they should (no, seriously, "@GQ" is actually some random Russian guy, so be careful who you tweet to).


Anyway, Musk appears to have followed Weaver only after Motherboard called him out. Musk then slammed the site for its "PC" agenda.

Indeed, of the 55 accounts Musk follows, many of them are news outlets -- you know, sites like Rolling Stones and Gizmodo (of course, if he was living life right, he'd be following Elite Daily).

But still, the group of other non-outlet accounts Musk follows -- which include Ryan Reynolds and  Stephen Colbert -- is a sausage fest.

However, it kinda makes sense. After all, the tech world itself is a sausage fest, as many people have pointed out before.

And while it's tempting to dismiss this as a funny coincidence that allows us to make more than a few jokes at Musk's expense, we'd be remiss if we didn't point out the wise words of the The Guardian's Julia Carrie Wong.

After noticing that many other tech CEOs don't follow a lot of women on Twitter, she said,

Silicon Valley companies frequently claim that they are committed to diversity, and one step toward achieving that is seeking out the voices and opinions of people who are different than you. Social media is a relatively simple way to expose oneself to new ideas and new people.

Of course, let us not forget the most underrated aspect of this storyline: Musk decided to follow Weaver only after following the ghost of William Shakespeare -- to be or not to be SEXIST, amirite?

(I'll see myself out.)

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