This Guy Playing The Piano Amid A Crumbling Glacier Will Give You Chills


You want hauntingly beautiful? How about Ludovico Einaudi playing the piano with the backdrop of a crumbling glacier.


The stunt was pulled as part of a Greenpeace campaign to highlight global warming. And that it does.

As the composer caresses the keys, hulking chunks of the glacier crumble and plummet into the Arctic.

It'll make you feel all poetic and moved inside. But probably not enough to walk instead of drive to work tomorrow morning.

Greenpeace España on YouTube

The video was uploaded to YouTube with the caption,

It ends with a simple message:

Save the Arctic campaign aims to make an area of it — located in international waters of the Arctic Ocean — protected.

Greenpeace claims there are countries which "don't want to see it protected" and is urging people to visit their campaign website to voice their concern.

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