Eerie Video Of 'Ghost' Pedaling Bike Chained Up Outside Will Haunt You Forever


Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there's not denying the fact that this video is scary AF.

Why? Because bikes don't typically pedal themselves and very rarely does a bucket thrust itself into the air on its own.

This mildly terrifying footage of the "ghost" pedaler was caught in Thailand and has already been viewed 85,000 times after being shared on Facebook.

At first, the eerie footage shows a bike chained up with no one around it. Keep watching, though, because shit gets weird real quick.


Not before long (at 00:19 of the video, for anyone impatiently waiting the creepiness), pedals on the bike start moving, and the wheels begin turning by themselves at a startling rate.

The pedaling continues for about one minute and 15 seconds and then comes to an abrupt halt.

But, wait! It's not over yet.

Immediately after the wheels start turning, a white bucket sitting on a table basically throws itself onto the ground.



A few seconds after the bucket hits the floor, a seemingly confused tenant comes out of the house, completely oblivious to the freakin' poltergeist in his backyard.

He picks up the bucket, places it back onto the table and carries on about his night.

Hate to break it to you, dude, but it looks like you've got a supernatural situation at hand.

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