This Easter Bunny Got In A Fist Fight With Someone In The Middle Of A Mall

I'm totally Jewish, but Easter is now officially my favorite holiday and will stay that way until someone uploads a Twitter video of a dude in a Maccabee costume drunkenly dropkicking a menorah at a Chanukah festival.

A mall Easter bunny was filmed spreading (read: throwing) that signature Easter cheer (read: his fists onto some guy's face) at the Newport Centre mall in Jersey City over the weekend. There isn't much more information than that -- not that you really need it. It's just a dude in a bunny costume punching some mallgoer.

These two Twitter videos need as much description as this video of a hippo farting.

Just enjoy it, and don't worry about the specifics.

As someone from New Jersey, I can safely say this is the most NJ thing to ever happen.

Here's part two.

Merry Easter, everybody!

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