These Dunkaroo Doughnuts Are Straight Out Of Your Middle School Dreams


Remember that glorious feeling during lunch time in sixth grade when you opened your bag and found a brand new pack of Dunkaroos nestled between your sandwich and Capri Sun?

It was the feeling when you internally screamed with joy, ignored the rest of your lunch and started shamelessly dunkin' away into the multicolored vanilla icing.

Finding sweet Dunkaroos in your lunchbox meant you struck gold as a youngster, and we miss them.

Thankfully, an innovative doughnut company called PVDonuts is bringing our favorite '90s treat back in doughnut form, and they look even tastier than the real thing.

The bakery, based in Providence, RI, created the "Dunkaroo Donut" and it's all of our childhood dreams come true.

The fluffy brioche doughnut is topped with homemade Dunkaroo glaze, rainbow sprinkles and cinnamon graham cookie crumbles. (It's OK -- we're drooling, too.)

The "Dunkaroo Donut" is featured on the company's '90s menu, which features nostalgic treats from the best decade ever.

Elite Daily talked with Lori Kettelle, owner of PVDonuts, so she could tell us a little more about the childhood-inspired menu.

Lori said,

We head in at about 2 am every morning and things get pretty silly. We obviously play a lot of music to keep us going, and one day, we were switching stations on the hour every hour from '50s, '60s, '70s and so on. Once we got to a '90s playlist we started reminiscing about all of our favorite treats that we'd beg our parents to buy us when they 'dragged us to the grocery store with them' -- and that's how the '90s inspired menu was born!

The Dunkaroo Donut seems to be a crowd favorite on the menu -- and I can't disagree. They look delicious.


Lori told Elite Daily about the doughnut in detail, and said its her favorite treat on the '90s menu, too.

She said,

It was a childhood favorite of mine, and it was a really cool experience to create a unique frosting that matched the flavor profile of the vanilla icing! It tastes just like it, but has a little bit of a different consistency -- it's our own twist.

Like most of us, Lori hopes Dunkaroos will be brought back to the US so we can enjoy our favorite childhood treat as adults. (Please hear our Dunkaroo prayers, General Mills!)

In the meantime, we'll have to indulge in Dunkaroo Donuts to fill the hole in our heart.


I need to order a box of these for myself. YUM.


Lori's watched the reactions her costumers have after trying the Dunkaroo Donut, and it's easy to see people are happy to indulge in such a nostalgic treat.

She stated,

People have been sharing it A LOT, we're seeing it all over the place and customers are really loving this month's menu. We set out each month to create a really unique menu, and nothing makes us happier than seeing people enjoying our creations.

A a child who grew up loving Dunkaroos, I can assume they taste incredible.

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