Writing Out These Phrases Could Be Key To Quitting Drinking, New Research Says


Would you believe me if I told you the social news aggregation and discussion website Reddit was helping over 50,000 recovering alcoholics remain sober?

It's true, and it's all thanks to Reddit's "Stop Drinking" subreddit, a discussion board created to help tend to recovering alcoholics wishing to maintain their sobriety and find happiness in their lives.

Using real-time chats and daily check-in routines, the online support group has evolved into a form of online rehabilitation for many people.


The discussion board's tagline simply reads, "A place to motivate each other to control or stop drinking."

While you might use Reddit to fuel your car obsession, hunt for new fashion trends or bring yourself up to speed with quirky news, thousands of people are using the power of the online community to get well.

Recent data found by states nearly 40 percent of those subscribed to the "Stop Drinking" subreddit are active users who often discuss personal issues related to the channel.

According to the data found, another 23 percent of the subscribed users frequently display their days without consuming alcohol for all to see. In addition, the data highlights the fact 77 percent of users are experiencing their first year sober.

Reddit Metrics

Those users are said to have contributed 7,918 combined years of sobriety. If you're part of that number, congratulations! That's a big win to be proud of.

Other findings from highlighted the top phrases used by users who were able to maintain their sobriety thanks to Reddit's "Stop Drinking" subreddit.

So, what exactly are these powerful key phrases used to accomplish sobriety?

  1. I will not drink today
  2. AA meetings
  3. Thank you for sharing/posting
  4. Stay sober
  5. One day at a time
  6. Baby steps
  7. Checking in from [location]
  8. Stay strong
  9. Great job
  10. Keep coming back

While these might seem like a combination of words we all use every day, these particular phrases proved to be incredibly powerful for recovering alcoholic seeking clarity in their lives. says the act of communicating phrases during the recovery process is "a crucial step in engaging and supporting recovering alcoholics."

Furthermore, the phrases were found to be positively "helping subscribers feel less negative emotions."

Who knew the internet could change lives?

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