If You Don't Vote For Donald Trump, You Could Get A Nude Pic In Return


One social advocacy group, Tramps Against Trump, is using some creative methods to deter voters from supporting Donald Trump this election season.

In a statement on their Tumblr, the group announced they'd send "personalized nudes for the politically engaged" -- that is, anyone who doesn't vote for Trump gets a nude pic.

That's one incentive that just might do the trick when it comes to swaying Trump's minions. Though, to be clear, they're not pushing an alternative candidate. In an interview with Mashable, Tramps for Trump spokesperson Jessica Rabbit said,

Per their website's instructions,

Despite the fact that Instagram has taken down the group's account twice, Rabbit says Tramps Against Trump has received overwhelmingly positive feedback. As she iterated to Mashable,

Their goal goes beyond destroying Trump's campaign with the ultimate objective to raise awareness about important issues the Republican nominee has blatantly ignored. Rabbit said,

So the next obvious question is where can we get our "Anti Drumpf, Pro Nude Pic" lawn signs?

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