#DonaldTrumpTheMovie Is Exploding On Twitter And It's Too Epic For Words


It looks like Twitter's having some fun with Donald Trump again.

The hilarious #DonaldTrumpTheMovie hashtag started trending this evening, which prompted Twitter users everywhere to pitch hilarious Donald Trump-themed movies like "Fifty Shades of Orange," "One Night in Ivanka" and "Broke Fact Mountain."

These days, most Twitter users steer clear of Donald Trump-themed hashtags for obvious reasons. But #DonaldTrumpTheMovie? This is just TOO GOOD to pass up -- the results are hilarious!

For example...

And other titles like "The Silence of the Tax Returns."

This one's pretty spot-on, too.

Now, let's check out the rest of these movie titles Trump should consider starring in.

Twitter users couldn't get enough of the #DonaldTrumpTheMovie hashtag. Can you blame them? These are pretty epic.

Movie titles like "Straight Outta Compton" were recreated to represent The Donald.

These images are just the icing on the cake! For instance, I will never look at orangutans the same way again.

Nothing was spared, from Donald's narcissistic ways...

... To his glorious, shining combover.

Users even poked fun at Donald Trump's recent comments about his relationship (or non-relationship) with Vladimir Putin. There are just some things you can't unsee.

I can't tell if this is an actual baby photo of Trump or just a funny Photoshop. That's a problem.

One user just ditched Donald and gave his toupee the leading role.

Out of all these movies, Trump might just be the most prepared for a spinoff series as the wealthiest Oompa Loompa alive.

Then again, he could probably qualify for just about any movie remake ever. Even Trump's baby hands made the reel.

My personal favorite? "Mango: Unchained."

Despite how funny these tweets are, it's pretty sad that this guy is actually running for president.

Hey, maybe he'll lose and take his talents to Russia instead!

You know, I'm starting to think The Donald should just drop this whole GOP presidential nominee thing and refocus his attention on something that doesn't screw over the entire country. Like, say, one of these hilarious movies sure to be a blockbuster hit.

Hey, I don't think it's impossible. We're talking about a guy who conquered New York real estate and used his business expertise to takeover primetime television with "The Apprentice."