These Orange Donald Trump Gummies Will "Make America Sweet Again," So Eat Up


President Donald Trump's quest to "Make America Great Again" is turning out to be... not so great. However, IT'SUGAR, a candy retailer known for its cheekier treats, has just come out with a sweeter answer to Trumps' MAGA slogan. It's now selling Make America Sweet Again Trump Gummies both in stores and online.

What does a Trump gummy taste like, you ask?

According to IT'SUGAR's product description, the 3-D-printed candies are "orange in both flavor and color," poking fun at Trump's much-addressed skin tone.

While orange might not be the most popular gummy flavor, you might enjoy it more than the equality-crushing policies our president calls "great."

Also, yes, these gummies are made to look like Trump.


The 3-D printer managed to perfectly capture his side-swept hair, to be honest.

Prepare for a real laugh when you inspect the packaging, though.


Make America Sweet Again Trump Gummies are apparently "Made in China" and their packaging is filled with hilarious, playful jabs at Trump's presidency. It even comes with a rather unique product warning: "May leave a bad taste in your mouth." (Yeah, well, orange isn't for everyone.)

A cartoon version of Trump is featured on both sides — standing at the White House podium on the front and excitedly pointing at his "yuuge" gummy self on the back.


There are even a couple "reviews" from world leaders.

"Not so Delicioso," reads a one-star "review" attributed to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Meanwhile, a satirical Vladimir Putin is a fan: "Love them. Keep'em in my back pocket at all times." LOL.

In a press release announcing its silly new product, IT'SUGAR's director of product design and marketing, Justin Clinger, said,

Candy is universally loved, regardless of what side of the political fence you may sit on. Our new 3D Trump gummies are one way to make the country a bit sweeter, and perhaps give everyone a laugh.

The MASA gummies come in three-packs and retail for $12.99. They're probably tremendous.