Dog Tries To Eat Painting Of A Bone On His Bowl

I have witnessed my dog do a number of silly things. One time, I walked her past a mirror at a department store, and she barked at her own reflection.

I can only image how embarrassed she would feel if she knew I told you that, all my closest friends on the internet.

But imagine how ridiculous this dog feels knowing his owner posted this total faux PAWS (hehe, puns make me feel dead inside) on Facebook.

If anyone ever says that you are a "dog with a bone," feel free to allow yourself to tear up, because this pup never got his...

Silke Caproens of the Netherlands posted this video of her dog Quick. Although, to be fair... he doesn't seem that quick...

Why does this video break my heart?! SOMEONE GET THIS DOG A REAL BONE!

Gosh, I know the dog bone at the bottom of your pet's water dish is cute to humans, but at what cost?!


Poor Quick. He cannot believe that this video is going viral. Out of all the cool videos he's probably tried to put out there, this is the one that gets the attention.

Who cannot relate to this good and pure doggo?

Everything in our life is a mirage...

Will we ever reach the destination we are supposed to arrive at? Or will we keep searching, just like Quick and his imaginary bone?


It's OK, Quick. If you ever find your way over to the USA, I have plenty of bones.

I wouldn't tease you with a water dish featuring your favorite snack.

Trust me when I say that this embarrassing video will run its course online and by next week, everyone will have forgotten about it...

Just like that video of me in which I tried walking into what I assumed was another part of the store, but turned out to be just a mirror.

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