Dog Thinks Stuffed Animals Are Puppies And It'll Make You Want To Hug Your Pet

by Alexandra Strickler

I dare you to read all of this without shedding a single tear.

OK, maybe you won't openly weep like I did, but an audible "AWWW" should definitely escape from your lips at least once.

If not, then good luck finding your soul, I guess.


This is Twinkle.

She lives in California with her owner, 18-year-old Xavier Hernandez, and his family.

After the Hernandez family rescued Twinkle, they soon discovered she was pregnant with a few little pups of her own.

But, unfortunately, all three of Twinkle's puppies passed away after she gave birth to them.

According to BuzzFeed News, Hernandez said Twinkle was very depressed after losing her babies.

To lift her spirits a bit, the teen's mom gave their pup three stuffed animals to keep her company during this difficult time.


Hernandez said his mom though the little faux fur babies "would comfort her."


And then we all. Freaking. Lost it.


If I could, I would smother Twinkle with all the cuddles and kisses.


We're all shook down to our very cores.


But like, I'm also "cryin at my job rn," girl.


Guys, even "disco dave" couldn't help but shed a tear.


Twinkle and her mama deserve all the love in the world right now.


Hernandez has since said Twinkle seems a lot happier with her little stuffed babies, and she's treating them just like they were her own puppies.

The 18-year-old said,

She didn't do anything without them and wouldn't let anyone touch them.

Believe it or not, animals really can experience the same heart-wrenching emotions we feel when we lose someone close to us.

It's actually been documented among several different species of animals, from domestic house pets to even dolphins and horses.

So for all you skeptics out there, think again the next time you try to say animals don't feel emotions.

Much love to Twinkle and the Hernandez family!

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