Dog Savagely Smiles After Owner Spends $1K Removing A Swallowed Bouncy Ball

by Robert Anthony

I don't think they ever deliberately intend to give off the cunning vibe they occasionally emit, but dogs can be mischievous, little creatures sometimes.

That much was made clear after a Reddit user shelled out a large sum of money to have a cheap, little bouncy ball surgically removed from their dog's stomach.

Redditor Ferenginar panicked as any responsible dog owner would after their dog got ahold of their son's $0.25 bouncy ball. As expected, one thing led to another and the dog swallowed the ball.

We saw it happen. My son was playing with the ball and the dog grabbed it as it was bouncing around.

Keep in mind this is one of those little balls you typically see in those coin-operated machines at the supermarket. They bounce EVERYWHERE.

After the dog swallowed the ball, Redditor Ferenginar reacted the same way we all would. Little did the dog owner know, they'd have to shell out nearly $1,000 for medical bills following the procedure needed to removed the ball.

They did an [x-ray] and discovered it was too big to move past her stomach.

Now, I doubt Ferenginar cared about the medical bills. After all, your pet's life is far more valuable than $1,000. But I also doubt the dog owner expected the hilarious facial expression from the smug pup after the ball was removed.

Here's the moment a dog savagely smirked at her owner after they paid $1,000 to have a $0.25 ball removed from her stomach.

$0.25 out of a machine. $947.36 out of a dog. Gotta love that smug "worth it" look. from funny

Doesn't she look like she totally meant to screw her owner out of a grand?! The smugness is real!

I guess they should just be glad they weren't this person...


All jokes aside, it's a relief to know the little pup is going to be OK. And besides, she's probably just smirking because she pooped on the floor in the other room and no one's stepped in it... yet.

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