Video Of Man Jumping Into Icy Water To Save His Dog Is True Love At Its Finest


If you're a dedicated pet owner, then you realize there is nothing you wouldn't do for your beloved.

When I was a kid, I used to plan out what I would do in case a fire ever broke out in my house, to a T, based on where my cats and dogs usually slept during the night and the places a fire would most likely spread to.

Sure, some would say I had childhood anxiety, but others would just realize THIS IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU LOVE YOUR SWEET, PRECIOUS ANIMALS.

Significant others have said I reach out to my dog and baby-talk to her more than I do to them -- and they are not wrong.

Recently, a Canandian man plunged into an icy lake to save his dog, but he's pretty sure anyone else with a pup would do the same.

Cosmo, a dog, fell through thin ice in St. Albert, Alberta and was struggling to stay above water in the cold water on Saturday when the dog's owner Duncan Maclver jumped in to help.

While Maclver was almost submerged in the ice cold water, he pushed his dog by the hind leg onto thicker ice before carrier him to safety.

He said,

It's a split second thing. You're not just going to let him die, right?

To which I respond,


I would rather die than let sweet Cosmo drown in cold waters.

CTV was around to discuss the dangers of thin ice when they captured this pup fall through ice and the man make the daring rescue.

He said, through chattering teeth,

As soon as the ice broke, I just went right in. I think most people would do the same for their dog.

Of course, it is recommended if your pet falls through thin ice, your first steps involve calling 911 and not going after them. After all, if the ice isn't strong enough to hold your dog, you're a lost cause. With hypothermia, firefighters will have to rescue both you and your dog.

That said, I would take a fucking bullet for you, Zelda and Rhett.


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