This Dog Was Found By His Owners 2 Years After He Went Missing

Who doesn't love a heartwarming dog story?

This is one for the books.

Captain Ron is a dog who lives at a sanctuary in Mount Juliet, Tennessee called Old Friends.


He arrived there in 2014 from a shelter where he was taken in as a stray.

Old Friends brought him home from the shelter because they knew he wouldn't survive because of his old age and health issues.

Last week, Old Friends announced to its 1.5 million fans that Captain Ron's original owners contacted the sanctuary after they recognized him on the Facebook page.

The sanctuary frequently updates fans with photos and videos of all of its adorable, happy dogs.


Apparently, Captain Ron, formerly known as Oscar, had disappeared from the farm his owners lived on in 2014 while recovering from a severe infection.

His original owners were so happy to see their beloved dog alive and well at Old Friends, his new home. They have since moved out of state and won't be taking Captain Ron away from the sanctuary.

They told Old Friends,

We work all day and I would hate to take him from where he is now, he looks so happy, and it touches us deeply.

How sweet is that?

The owners also filled in Old Friends with some details about Captain Ron. He's a 13-year old Great Pyrenees-Rottweiler mix.


Captain Ron lost his right eye because of blastomycosis, a fungus infection that affects skin and internal organs.

He grew up on a farm with sheep and cows. He also has a favorite song, which is "Scarborough Fair" by Simon and Garfunkel. The sanctuary pointed out how strange of a coincidence it is that it's also named after a Simon and Garfunkel song, "Old Friends."

The original owners also shared some photos of Captain Ron as a puppy. He was such a cutie.


The internet is an amazing place. The owners must be so incredibly happy to know their dog is living his best life at Old Friends Sanctuary.

Now excuse me, I need to go find a box of tissues.

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