Some Doctors List 'Lesbianism' As An Actual Medical Problem


This morning, I woke up, and my head was pounding like an anxious heartbeat.

Turns out, I might have actually had a valid reason to call in sick to work today, at least according to Carolinas HealthCare System Union.

My medical condition? Lesbianism, babe.

North Carolina resident Kristina Rodriguez was having some routine tests done at Lake Park Family Practice, when she realized "lesbianism" was listed as a "medical problem" in her medical history.

I mean, I knew my sexuality gave me the privilege of dragging my partner to insufferable bachelorette parties, but I didn't know it ALSO allowed me to call out of work whenever I want because I'm, you know, SICK.


But in all seriousness, listing someone's sexuality as a medical problem is massively twisted.

Rodriguez told Charlotte News Station WSOC-TV Channel 9,

When Rodriguez contacted the director of Carolinas HealthCare System and explained her sexuality was actually listed as a MEDICAL PROBLEM, she was told her sexuality was only listed as such to protect her from being offended by doctors and nurses.

I think it's safe to say that plan of protection backfired, honey.


For the record, her doctor did say they would shift "lesbianism" to the notes section, rather than listing it as an actual problem.

However, Rodriguez believes a person's sexuality shouldn't be an issue at all on medical records, let alone listed as a medical problem.

And yeah, um, I would agree. Not only is it 2017, but to say sexuality is a medical problem indicates sexuality is something that needs to be "treated."

I mean, is my blood test going to be different because I have sex with women? Does scissoring affect one's cholesterol levels?


Thank goodness for gaykind that Carolinas HealthCare System claimed in a press statement they don't actually think sexual orientation is a medical condition:

Rodriguez, on the other hand, is still wondering if maybe her "medical condition" can get her a few extra ~chill~ days.

She told Channel 9, "Maybe I can call out of work for my condition. I'm not sure."

Yeah, I would say all of us gays need a few days off. Not because we have a "medical condition," but because we still live in a society that undermines our sexuality.

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