Gross Video Of Ramen Inside Stomach Proves Saving Money Isn't Always Worth It


I can confidently say a majority of my meals right now consist of ramen noodles (and, no, I'm not ashamed).

Why? Because it's cheap and delicious. You can buy a package of Ramen for $1.50 and feel satisfied for hours.

When you're a college student — or, in my case, a New Yorker struggling to pay rent — ramen is pretty much a godsend.

Throughout my ramen-loving years, I've tried my hardest not to think about how the inexpensive dinner is affecting my insides.

However, the time has come that we find out what Ramen noodles look like after we've inhaled a package of them.

Unfortunately, it's not pretty.


In a recent video, a doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital who runs the gastrointestinal lab took a deeper look into the stomach of someone who just ate ramen noodles.

In order to do so, the person who ate the ramen also ate a smart pill the size of a multivitamin. The pill had a camera that was able to film the inside of their stomach for 32 hours.


In the gross footage the pill filmed, the stomach is trying to "grind up" the Ramen noodles.

But it is having a little bit of a hard time.

Apparently, the stomach had difficulties digesting the processed noodles, and they remained floating around in the belly for two whole hours.

I don't want to scare you, BUT LOOK AT THESE PICTURES.



So gross.


The doctor compared the digestive process by feeding the subjects homemade ramen noodles on a different day.

The comparison shows that the homemade noodles were able to be digested quicker than the processed noodles were (go figure).


I don't know about you, but these photos aren't enough to keep me away from ramen.

Apparently, it didn't keep the doctor away from it, either. At the end of the video, the reporter said the doctor still eats the product in moderation.