If You Didn't End Up Getting The Job You Dreamed Of As A Kid, We Have Good News

Andrey Armyagov/Shutterstock

Sad your dream job of being an astronaut space cowboy didn't come true?

Don't be.

Nearly 80 percent of us didn't actually end up doing what we dreamed of as a kid, according to a new study.

Trade Schools asked more than 2,000 people if they were living the life they fantasized about when they were younger.

Trade Schools

While the majority of people admitted they weren't, the following results will surprise you.

Trade Schools

See that? A lot of people who aren't working their dream job are happy with their current one.

Surprising, right? You just assume loads of us hate our jobs because, at the end of the day, wouldn't we all rather be importing flamingos to decorate our mansion gardens off the coast of Italy?

But it turns out, fulfilling that childhood dream can make us even happier. Only 11 percent of those in their dream job said they're not satisfied with it.

The study also reveals the top three jobs we all dream of having in high school, in ascending order, are scientist, engineer and writer.

So I guess I'm living the dream. DEAL WITH IT.

*Shades fall on face and "Fuck tha Police" plays in the background*