This 110-Year-Old Woman Just Gave The Most Badass Interview Ever

Like young children, elderly people can get away with almost anything. If an old person says something rude or acts inappropriately in public, his or her social faux pas is blamed on “age” and written off with a sigh and a chuckle.

Though some may argue this elderly attitude is unintentional — the result of diminishing brain cells — I disagree. They know when they're being inappropriate, they just don't give a f*ck anymore. (Side note: I can't wait to get old.)

Though this theory might not apply to every old person, it certainly fits Washington resident Flossie Dickey to a T.

Earlier this week, Dickey appeared on news show “Good Day Spokane” to celebrate her 110th birthday. Though most would be thrilled to live so long, Dickey was… not. She admitted she was “not one bit” excited about her upcoming birthday party and spent most of the interview blatantly fighting the urge to sleep.

Rude? Perhaps, a little. But after 110 years, she's earned the right to do and say whatever the hell she wants.

Happy birthday, Dickey!

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