Guy Puts Up Desperate Posters Around Town After Falling For Girl At Festival


There's a fine line between creepy and romantic, and Nick Hopton from Hampshire is making this line really blurry.

He met the girl of his dreams at Boomtown Festival, but didn't ask for her number. So, he made desperate posters and put them up around town.

It reads,

Oh, Nick. It's a bit too much, isn't it?

He managed to get so many specific details about her living situation, but didn't ask for her number.

It's a classic case of wimping out at the last minute. We've all been there, bro.

But hey: It looks like the old-school romance went down well with Freya. She was alerted to the posters, and gave Nick "the stud" a call. He explained,

The world needs more hopeless romantics like Nick.