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This Man's Hilarious Photoshops Challenge Our Absurd Social Media Standards

When you ask someone to alter your past for a more impressive present, make sure to be specific.

When designer James Fridman offered to photoshop followers' pictures, he warned them not to submit any they didn't want shared with the rest of the Internet.

Taking each request literally, Fridman did all he could to help those in need.

He made the boobies bigger.

He made her legs longer.

He sent this guy to Miami Beach.

He made her booty bigggerrr, Kim K style.

He gave this kid some abs.

He put this woman on a spaceship "flyin to jewpeter."

He did nothing to this girl's photo, insisting she looks great the way she is.

James Fridman, ladies and gentlemen, making the world a more accepting place one sarcastic butt photoshop at a time.

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