10 Men Reveal What Makes Them Call A Woman 'Crazy'

Suppressing one's emotions and honest reactions to avoid being dubbed "crazy" is a familiar pastime for many adult women.

Though genuine insanity is a fate threatening both genders, women's behaviors earned them scarlet C's since the days when "female hysteria" was a legitimate medical diagnosis.

Back then, it was believed a woman's uterus was a sentient entity wandering her body, clogging vital passages and causing illness and insanity.

Modern medicine debunked the theory that a woman's reproductive organs render her "crazy," but the idea of female insanity remains, for some, a valid explanation for women's feelings or behaviors.

Redditor and alleged human woman Zerobeastly asked fellow users,

What makes a man consider a woman 'crazy'?

The theories below are courtesy of the lady experts over at Reddit (aka men, natch) with outdated 1930s commentary by yours truly (aka composed by me in Jimmy Stewart's accent).

1. "Your emotions ain't my issue, babydoll."

2. "That's one chatty broad!"

3. "Handle your woman, Butch, before I do it for ya."

4. "Just to be safe, Betty, hide yourself away during your monthly hysteria cycle."

5.  "She's got 'problems,' Biff. I'm this close to throwin' her in the river!"

6. "The lady's a tramp, y'see." *Ashes a fat cigar.*

7. "Life's not a fairytale, Suzie darling."

8. "I'm tellin' ya, I never know what that kooky kitten's gonna do next!"

9. "I might not be an expert, Marge, but I can say for sure you're battier than a rabid dog."

10. "What's that, Don? This 'isn't a gendered question?' You're crazier than my ball and chain!"

Let the gaslight's flame grow brighter as the women dance naked in the forest, casting spells and succumbing to the frailty of their soft, eroded brains.