Here's What The 'Dear Fat People' Woman Thinks About Syrian Refugees (Video)

That woman from the “Dear Fat People” video is back, and this time,*sigh* she's talking about the Syrian refugee crisis *sigh* for some effing reason.

Technically, yes, at the end of the day, I agree with Nicole Arbour on the refugee crisis and how we should let displaced Syrians find a home in the US.

The fact that we share an ideology is INFURIATING to me though and makes me question literally everything about myself.

It's like finding out you and Stalin have a similar taste in music or Jared Fogel also chooses onion rings over french fries when given the option.

I've never watched a video where the general thesis was soooo right, but everything else involved in the video was sooo offensively ignorant and wrong.

No, Nicole. Having a running joke involving impersonating a child getting his limbs blown off by a bomb is not a cute "gotcha" bit to do in a comedy video 100 percent designed to gain you followers and attention and not, as you claim, to enact social change, YOU TACKY, RACIST, CONDESCENDING, PRIVILEGE-BLINDED, SENTIENT, CLICKBAIT MESS OF FAKE BOOBS, BLONDE HAIR AND EMBARRASSING THINGS EVERYONE'S UNIFORMED GRANDMOTHER SAYS WHEN SHE'S AROUND MINORITIES.

Oh, cool. You're going to follow it up by making a joke about African names in a German accent? Perfect. I was worried you wouldn't have a way to comedically heighten your veiled xenophobia.

There is a nice little piece in this trash pile about how women's rights activists would wrongly argue they didn't want Muslims here because they disrespect women (which is not a point ANYBODY IS ARGUING IN THIS CONTEXT).

She says this reasoning makes no sense because the rap community disrespects women in videos where they ask women to rub their genitals and “pour the milk on each other's titties."

I'm not saying this semi-racially-charged rant is 100 percent wrong -- women aren't exactly treated like music's answer to Madeleine Albright in rap videos -- but comparing honor killings to 50 Cent's “Candy Shop"?!

*Face palms for five days straight.*

I guarantee women would rather have milk poured on their chests than dudes take knives to their genitals, not that I did any research to back up that point, which makes us even.

In conclusion, yes, you do have some OK points to make, but this whole video is like finding a few old pennies in a pile of Ebola turds.