Mom's Reaction To Her Daughter Taking A Shot Like A Pro Is Priceless (Video)

by Taylor Ortega

Carol* is not a cool mom.

Carol is not one of your little friends.

Carol didn't raise you to be a goddamn drunk hooligan.

Instagram user Chelseaelayne shared a video from what appears to be a family Christmas party of a young attendee shooting some tequila with the ease of a seasoned drinker.

Shocked to see her daughter expertly slam some Patrón, Carol loses face fast.

As one family member suggests the youngin' has "done this before," Carol's heart drops to her butt, and she mentally selects which convent to ship her daughter off to for eternity.

Don't beat yourself up, Carol. Maybe it really was her first shot, and she's just a naturally gifted drinker.

Nope, I'm making this worse.

*Her name may not be Carol, but it also COULD be.

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