This Girl's Heartwarming Letter To Her Single Mom Will Make You Sob (Video)

Why, Minute Maid?! Now YOU'RE making me cry with viral videos, too?! WHY?!

There is something about absurdly sad YouTube videos. Watching them is like staring directly into the sun.

I know it's not good to view absurd, emotional mini-documentaries -- like the one above -- made primarily to make me feel like a pile of tears at work, but it's impossible to look away.

Major companies, like Dove, for instance, picked up on this, and realized they can get some cheap advertising out of playing with emotions, so now they all have some kind of massive YouTube emotion-boner (emoner?).

WHY IS MINUTE MAID MAKING ME CRY!? The only thing Minute Maid should be making me do is say,

You only have Minute Maid? Well, beats Tropicana.

What's next? Doritos having veterans record messages for their dogs they lost in combat? Cancer patients recording letters to their high school girlfriends, presented by Pep Boys?

When will it end?