This Dancing Dog Has The Baddest Moves You've Ever Seen


Forget about the training basics like “sit” and “stay” — if you're a dog owner, you should be training your furry friend to dance like this viral dancing dog.

A short video posted to YouTube on Monday by Michelle Walstra features a large, super-fluffy pooch breaking it down to “Dessert” by Dawin. The pup, standing inside a small, fenced-in enclosure, trots, shimmies and wiggles to the poppy track in a way that would put even your best club moves to utter shame.

Though the dog's dance moves match up perfectly with “Dessert,” an earlier version of the footage actually has the pooch dancing to a different song (in Russian, no less).

Either way, this four-legged freak has some serious skills. Check out the clip up top — you'll be playing it on repeat all day.

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