This Dance Routine Tells An Incredibly Moving Story About Breaking Up (Video)

Though DanceOn's new “A Breakup Story” video has more grace and precision than a breakup generally does, the video certainly still communicates the complexities of a relationship's end with Talia Favia's choreography to James Bay's “Let It Go.”

Under the direction of Tim Milgram, dancers Courtney Schwartz and Chaz Buzan perfectly execute the push and pull of saying "goodbye" and moving on in a video that, even for those who are happily single or taken, induces the gut-wrenching feelings of realizing love is lost and cannot be saved.

So watch the video, cry, remember exes, cry, wonder where it all went wrong, eat a box of butter crackers, cry, attempt to express yourself through dance, remember you are a rhythmless oaf, cry, post sad lyrics to Facebook, cry and move on.